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Our beautiful new Large Silk Scarves for Spring Summer 2018 have arrived! In this post we’ll show you five ways to style them, what to put them with and how to construct our scarf boxes.

Five ways to tie a large silk scarf:

Do you know your French knot from your classic loop?! There are countless ways to style a silk scarf and we love to demonstrate a few when selling to our customers.  To help you do the same,  Sally has made a video of her five favourite ways to tie a silk scarf. Watch it below:

A reminder that these are:

  1. Simple Knot
  2. Classic Loop
  3. French Knot
  4. Infinity Knot
  5. Loop and Knot

What to put with the large silk scarves:

The stunning patterns in our silk scarves work well with block colours and look great thrown over a jumper or poncho to brighten up an outfit. As a rule of thumb, find a small dash of colour in the scarf and try to match it to a top. The silks make great gifts in our scarf boxes and go beautifully with our Tilley Ponchos, Grace Cashmere Ponchos, Tess Wraps and Elise Wraps. When you see a customer interested in a scarf, pop it round their neck and tie in one of the styles above. When people can see themselves wearing an item, they are much more likely to make a purchase.

We’ve paired up the large silks with our clothing to find the most eye-catching combinations. A few samples are below and you can see them all in the scarves section of the website here. Most of the product pages should have links to the relevant items of clothing. Do also call the office if you need any suggestions!

Silk Scarf Packaging

We can supply scarf boxes to cover fifty percent of your order. Further boxes can be purchased online here or via the office. Once you have sold a scarf we recommend packaging them in our boxes which make them perfect for a gift and are so much easier to wrap!

The scarf boxes arrive flat packed, and we had a few requests on our stand at trade shows for a lesson in how to construct them. So here is another quick video of Sally demonstrating it: