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Here at Tilley & Grace we are currently obsessed with layered necklaces! All of our necklaces look fabulous on their own and some of them also work really well combined with each other in layers.

As a retailer, you can try displaying these combinations together and also make suggestions to your customers with the hope of selling them more than one!

Here is our guide to layering necklaces and which of our necklaces we think look particularly fabulous together.

Layer Necklaces By Length:

Naturally, the first rule of layering necklaces is to be mindful of your necklace lengths. Try not to have a tangle of necklaces that are all the same length but different styles.

We think it looks great to have a short simple necklace combined with a longer pendant and perhaps also a much longer chain.

Top 7 Layered Necklace Combinations:

Our current favourite combinations of necklaces are:

1. Nina Necklace and Clemara Long Necklace – we love the opposing textures of these two necklaces.


2. Roma Necklace and Acacia Necklace – these are two of our most popular necklaces from the recent trade shows and the smooth, round shapes look great together.


3. Albany Necklace and Jack Necklace – these two necklaces are a strong staple of our collection and are great worn together.


4. Jack Necklace and Zanthe Necklace – we also think the Jack Necklace looks great paired with its bigger sister, the Zanthe Necklace. Very useful to have as part of your collection!


5. Clemara Short Necklace and Clemara Long Necklace – a classic pairing of one of our favourite necklaces for this Summer. Make sure you also buy our Clemara Anklet to complete the collection!


6. Natalie Necklace and Rayna Necklace  – these stunning, modern, pearl necklaces also look great paired with the Portia Earrings.


7. Kingston Necklace and Lianna Cube Necklace – a classic combination which features a cube, circle and triangle. You could also add the long Viviana Necklace to this to create even more impact!


Quick Cheat!

Several of our necklaces already have a layered effect built in, so the hard work is already done for you! Some of them are short and some are longer, so they can also be combined too like the Roma Necklace and Acacia Necklace above.

Our short layered necklaces are: Ginny Necklace, Indigo Necklace, Rhonda Necklace and Roma Necklace.

Medium length layered necklaces are: Daisy Pearl Necklace, Kingston Necklace, and Selene Necklace.

Our long layered necklaces are: Brooke Heart and Circle Necklaces, Carlita Necklace, Gigi Necklace, Jemima Necklace and Matilda Necklace.

Double it up!

Another really quick layered necklace style is to take a long necklace like the Tia Leaf Necklace and simply wrap it round the neck two or three times, adjusting the lengths so they sit nicely.

You can also combine the Tia Leaf Necklace with the Tia Short Necklace! Don’t forget that for many of these necklaces we also have matching earrings like the Tia Leaf Earrings.

Most Importantly:

Have fun! This is a playful trend and it doesn’t matter if the layered necklaces don’t completely match. Put your personal stamp of creativity on it and your passion and enthusiasm is sure to rub off on your customers!